98. The Front Page

So now to yesterday. Another Matthau film. I’ve actually been trying to watch this for a while now and just keep postponing it for no reason at all. A while back I came up with a list of films Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon were in together since they are amazing together. This was one of those films.

Ignoring the great chemistry between the two leads and their excellent acting skills, The Front Page is really good.  It’s a lovely little comedy that actually doesn’t really have much of a change of scenery. The majority of the film is probably shot in one room, but you wouldn’t notice it. Heck I just now thought of that. There are a lot of nice little jokes. One of the things I appreciate about movies like these is the type of humor. I don’t mind blue comedy or dick and fart jokes, but I’m always amazed how good some of the jokes are in older films like these. They can be as “disgusting” as those same sexual jokes told in modern movies, but it’s done more subtly. It’s just a nice change.

Lemmon and Matthau are amazing and naturally work well together here. The supporting cast has a number of familiar faces and all do just as good a job as the main duo to make this film work.

There are a few nice quips about the news and media industry, but no huge overpowering message.

For people who shy away from older movies (though the 70s really isn’t old), this is the kind of movie that shows that films were amazing years ago and are still worth while to watch.


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