96. Robin Hood: Men In Tights

I’m a Mel Brooks fan. That said I have not seen all of his movies. I don’t know if, before last night, I had ever seen all of Robin Hood: Men In Tights. I’ve seen in, just don’t remember seeing all of it.

Apparently a lot of people didn’t like this movie and I can’t figure out why. I thought it was an excellent parody of Robin Hood. The Scary Movie franchise has nothing on Mel Brooks here. I don’t think it’s Brooks best film, but it is hardly his worst or a movie that no one should see.

A lot of the comedy should be recognizable to Mel Brooks fans. I do feel like this one was toned down compared to some of his earlier films. It didn’t seem quite as overtly crass at times, but rather more subtle. Anyone who has seen the Costner Robin Hood will be familiar with the story line here. That or some of the Disney version. The parody is amazingly well done and there are a number of great 4th wall breaks. The musical pieces are scarce, but the two or so that we get are good. There are also a number of references to other movies (some of Brook’s own in fact). Really all the comedy was there and it worked. Can’t see how it wasn’t funny unless you are a die-hard Robin Hood fan or something.

Carry Elwes actually seems to be riffing from his own Princess Bride role. He does an excellent job here and carries the film well. The rest of the cast is superb and it just dawned on my how many of the actors in Mel Broooks films that I don’t know. There are those who I’ve become familiar with because they reappear in his films or those who are extremely famous faces to begin with. Most of the cast though are people I just don’t recognize even now. It is a testament to how good the film is without the actors, that he doesn’t require big names to make them work. It also shows how good the casting choices are since the people they do find are amazing, even if they only have a line or two.

I loved it. Plan on trying to do a Brooks marathon now at some point. This is one of those times where it pays off to ignore all the critics and other bad reviews you read about a movie. They aren’t always as shite as people make them out to be.


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