95. The Hot Rock

Watched The Hot Rock yesterday. It’s a Robert Redford thing. It’s ok, but it felt like a number of other action/crime/comedy films of the 70s. Nothing original. I liked Redford and Zero Mostel a lot (among others), but it just didn’t stand out. It’s a nice film, but I dunno. Just didn’t amaze me. I’m tired though so that could just be it.

I also watched Loose Cannons last night because Dan Akyroyd and Gene Hackman starred together in it. That and I wanted to see Akyroyd’s impressions. Love that man on SNL. Again it wasn’t a movie that is particularly amazing. The cast is phenomenal though. Hackman, Akyroyd, and Dom Deluise are all amazing talents to begin with and while they aren’t superb they are still enjoyable to watch. It’s probably one of the things that kept me watching really.

I have a knack for loving these kind of movies. The bigger budget comedies that are kinda camp and just insane. The ones everyone loves to trash talk, but I just love them. Hudson Hawk is one of those films everyone seems to hate, but I love it. Speaking of that I need to re-watch it.

Really you watch Loose Cannons for the same reason I did. The cast and its late at night and you are tired. You’ll laugh and enjoy it more than you might if you were a bit sharper. I’ll still watch it again though.


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