94. No Strings Attached

I don’t know why people get so frazzled by romantic comedies. I mean they do tend to be rather similar, but that can be said of a number of genre films. It’s the little differences that make them stand out. I mean people love When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, yet they are both crappy rom-coms. What makes them special?

So I watched No Strings Attached last night. I personally tend to enjoy rom-coms. They usually are funny and if they aren’t it’s not like I spent two hours of some grisly stuff. You find out early on whether you want to watch the rest of the film or not. That and I don’t expect amazing shit form rom-coms because of the genre.

No Strings Attached is very predictable and is nothing new. It is a rom-com that has been done numerous times. I liked it though. The main reasons is probably the cast. Natalie Portman and Ashotn Kutcher actually work pretty well together. That and both are beautiful people, which always helps. Kutcher is himself. He is the same as he is in any other film like this, which he has done plenty of. He does a decent job at it though despite how much people may hate him. Natalie Portman was the best though. I can’t recall ever seeing her in a comedy. She has always been in these serious films where you aren’t going to get many laughs to begin with. She is a really good comedic actress though. I thought she did exceptionally well with the comedy here and the fact that she obviously has the range to do the emotional parts made it even better to watch her. Greta Gerwig was really good, though she only has a few scenes. She nails every one of them. Mindy Kalin is another of the friends with little screen time, but hitting everything on the mark when given the chance. It would have been nice to see more of them. Lake Bell was really good as the crazy lady (note the similarities between her and the girl with glasses in the high school show they are working on). Great chemistry between the cast and acting was excellent as well with these people.

The dialogue is pretty quick and funny. Some of it is even pretty witty at times. Granted a lot of it is something you’ve heard or seen before, but it is done well here and I still got laughs from old jokes.

Basically it’s a matter of how open-minded you are going into the film. I was able to enjoy this because the female cast was amazing in this movie, not that the men were shit. There was enough humor to keep me interested even if it wasn’t new or if some parts were just complete crap. Granted it’s not my favorite movie, but I can watch it again.

Can’t help but think the title No Strings Attached would have been wonderful in the period mix tape.


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