93. The Green Hornet

This is going to be crappy. Just moved across campus for summer housing. It’s been a bitch and I’m exhausted.

Yesterday (completely forgot about this) I watched The Green Hornet. I thought about seeing in the theaters but didn’t, partly because it didn’t seem that great and because I just didn’t find the time or motivation to go.

It wasn’t horrible. I didn’t expect it to be great and it wasn’t. Honestly it was disappointing because I could see where they were trying to go with some of the jokes, but they just didn’t hit the mark. For whatever reason the jokes just didn’t land.

Really though things moved along pretty well. Nothing complicated. The action scenes were lacking, but it was defiantly heavy on being a comedy rather than an action film and it shows. The little bits of showing how Kato slows things down and identifies weapons was lame. It seemed like a video game and just came out of nowhere. Late in the film they try to make a joke of it and fail. A lot of those happen though. They just fall short.

The chemistry between most of the cast seems to work. Seth Rogen and Jay Chou work together nicely. Christoph Waltz was just disappointing and I blame the writers/directors. Waltz did a good job, but the character was just lame. SOme horrible dialog and scenes. This was one of those places where you could see the thought process of creative minds. You could see what they wanted to do with the character and they just failed. I don’t know why since making a campy villain is done often enough. Cameron Diaz is just boring. A filler role.

Nothing outstanding, but enough of the movie works that I enjoyed the time I spent watching it.


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