90. The End

A bit late for this post, but it’s summer and I have had a few days down time. I’ll try to be better once I start working this week and whatnot.

I watched The End because it had Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and Sally Field. I’m a fan of all three and they all have done well together in previous films. I was disappointed.

The movie wasn’t as funny as I hoped it be. Granted it’s a dark comedy so that always seems to be an iffy area as far as laughs, but there just didn’t seem to be that many moments to laugh. The movie seemed to serious most of the time. It was more of a drama with some funny moments than a comedy.

The movie has a hell of a cast though and the performances were all good. Reynolds directed the movie, which might have been part of its problem. The opening scene seemed to drag. Same for one of the final scenes in the ocean.

It was worth watching for the performances, but not anything I want to own or will probably watch again.


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