88. Thor

I did watch Thor yesterday. It didn’t storm last night, but it did earlier in the day.

I really really liked Thor and as far as comic book movies go, it might be my favorite possibly excluding Nolan’s Batman stuff. I have to watch it again to evaluate where it lies, but most likely second to Batman.

First let me talk about my lack of comic book knowledge. I have never read an actual comic book. I’ve read some online and a few graphic novels, but I’ve never really read any. They all that available to me when I was young so I just didn’t really think about them. They were old school stuff that didn’t exist to me. I’ve thought about trying to read them now, but I lack the motivation.

So my lack of knowledge on the source material means I have no idea how much they’ve fucked up that translation. They may have butchered it, but if they it was wonderful.

Kenneth Branagh has apparently directed a couple of movies that weren’t his adaptations of Shakespeare. They are nothing close to Thor however. I’m still baffled as to how he got to direct this. It just seems incredibly bizarre for him to direct an action movie to begin with, let a lone a comic book film. However he managed to get the job, he was an amazing pick. This movie was amazing and actually I you can see where the love of Shakespeare comes into play with the film. The drama in Asgard is very Shakespearian and Branagh does an amazing job with these sequences. They actually might be the best parts of the film because of that. What happens on Earth isn’t really as cool as you’d think. Branagh brought a nice balance to the movie as well. A lot of drama, but there are a lot of little jokes here and there to lighten things up and you have some nice action sequences.

The action sequences are less than stellar though. The only ones that are really cool are where Thor has the power of Thor and kicks-ass with Mjolnir.  The comedy isn’t quite as big as Ironman either, which I like. Robert Downey Jr. was what made the humor in that film work and at times it did go to far there even. The special effects were really good as well. Green Lantern looks like shit honestly. The special effects just seem lame. Thor looks ten times better, easily and that’s the entire film, not a trailer. Asgard is just beautifully done and the Frost Giants looked cool as well.

Almost done. Chris Hemsworth was really good as Thor. I liked the little bit I saw of him in Star Trek and he rocks in this. Natalie Portman was good, but I usually think she is good in everything. It also helps that I actually believe that she has some idea of what she’s talking about since she seems to be a smart lady. Tom Hiddelston was actually really good as Loki, though he probably could have expanded a bit on the emotions. He seemed slightly underdeveloped. Anthony Hopkins was amazing as Odin, but I love that man (I seem to say that a lot). He has a nice grunt/barbaric yarp in here that was Epic! Stellan Skarsgard was cool to see. Another actor I like. Kate Dennigns was ok, but basically just used to tell some jokes and lighten the mood.

I loved the movie. I liked where they started and where they ended. Things moved at a nice pace the whole way. Can’t think of anything horrible to say about the movie really. I’m sure I will see this again in theaters and I’ll post a follow-up then if I think about it.


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