87. Wild Wild West

So technically I watched Wild Wild West yesterday. I must confuse I didn’t finish it. People distracted me to get amazing ice cream and playing Halo Reach with booze. I finished it this morning.

I remember seeing this when it came out, back when I was a younger lad. I enjoyed it, mainly because of Will Smith. I didn’t really know anyone else in it. I appreciate this movie much more now, partly because I recognize the cast and get more of the humor.

This is defiantly a camp movie and buddy movie. Nothing realistic here and everything is over the top. The stories is ok for what it is. I wasn’t really expecting much and it works as far as driving the plot forward. The movie never really dragged at all which is an amazing plus. The jokes are nothing special though. They are ok, but nothing to get excited for, which is the biggest downside to this. The action is kinda similar. Some nice little stunts, but nothing overwhelmingly amazing. In retrospect, the graphics are really good. I mean they are good by todays standards and back when this was made they were even better I assume.

During the bit of the film it dawned on me what this movie reminded me of. Men In Black. Just before I started writing this I looked up the director and wouldn’t you know, Barry Sonnerfeld is the man behind Men In Black (released two years before this). The similarities are quite strong, especially when you have Will Smith playing virtually the same role.

Will Smith does a good job. Neither his role here or in MIB are groundbreaking. Kevin Kline is good, but again nothing amazing. They do a real nice job working together which is a plus for the genre. Kenneth Branagh was the best though. I wasn’t aware he was in this initially. I’m used to see him in his Shakespeare films and seeing him in this was just bizarre. He is extremely good though and I feel like he probably had a blast playing that role, especially since he’s the villain here.

Nice little movie to watch when board or to see Branagh doing something different. Nothing amazing and it’s not better than MIB. It’s not as bad as most of the reviews I’ve read are though.

PS: Going to watch Thor tonight! It’s become a tradition with some friends to watch a movie the Thursday we got done with finals. First year it was Star Trek. Last year was Iron Man II. This year is Thor. Nice theme of movies there. It also storms every year as well, which it’s supposed to at some point today.


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