85. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1

I’m going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 again before the second part comes out in theaters. Actually I’ll probably end up watching all of the movies before it comes out to prepare/for the hell of it.

First let me rant about adaptations. Adaptations must be viewed on two fronts. One as a movie and thus ignoring the source material. Two with the consideration of the source material it is translating to the screen. They don’t work together. The Bourne movies are actually pretty good. Not great, but good. As adaptations of the novels the suck. I had a hard time getting past that initially since I loved the books and they would have made great films had they been followed closely.

That said the Harry Potter films are pretty crap in my opinion. Take away the magic that comes from the books and they pretty much suck. I can’t imagine how people who haven’t read the books watch the movies. I’d be lost.

So I think David Yates has progressively gotten better at these movies in some respects. He defiantly has a good grasp on the darker tones in the story and Deathly Hallows is a great example of it. He also does a good job with the visuals and cinematography. His Potter films look wonderful, even if they are crap elsewhere. Deathly Hallows is an amazing film visually.

One thing that has always bothered me with the films are the action sequences. They mostly suck, especially when you get to the fighting with magic. I mean in my head those scenes are amazing. In the films they are a few seconds long and boring as shit. You don’t see anything in those few seconds either. I can’t imagine costs are prohibiting these scenes from developing. Deathly Hallows however turns in some good action sequences. You may not get glitzy sparring with wands, but the chase sequences in the woods is marvelous.

One of my other favorite bits from this movie is where they are wandering around via foot. It’s a montage of these various camp sites and the radio is listing of missing people the entire time. It’s incredibly eerie and has a post-apocalyptic vibe a la Fallout or something akin to that. I loved it.

I think the movie ended at about the right moment and the sequence with Voldermort there was good. The beginning of the film sucked though. It was incredibly moving, but a poor choice to open the film in my opinion. The following sequence with everyone at the table is a much better opener for the film. It seemed like it was shot that way, but they decided to place it second. It’s incredibly powerful, but behind the Hermonine wiping her parents memory, it seemed odd.

The best part of all of the Harry Potter films is the cast. They seem to do an excellent job at pulling in big names to begin with, but some of the lesser known actors are superb as well. I mean the main trio are actually quite good, though I’ve never been a fan of Daniel Radcliffe. Rupert Grint has done well outside of the Potter series and Emma Watson is actually pretty damn good as well. Plus she is hot.

You have an array of other actors, such as Alan Rickman, who appear in these films and are horribly under used. Rickman is an amazing actor to begin with, yet he usually only gets a few minutes screen time and this film was no different. You see him for that second scene and that is it. Ralph Fiennes is another actor who gets screwed out of screen time. He plays fucking Lord Voldermort, yet you rarely see him. Why? He is an important character with a brilliant actor playing him, yet you don’t give him any scenes. Fortunately he gets to act in Deathly Hallows and I’m itching to see him in the final installment. Richard Griffiths is another actor who has recently missed screen time. He wasn’t in the last film and he see him for two seconds in this one. He’s a great actor. His role is great, yet we’ve cut him. Bill Nighy! I love Bill Nighy, yet his role as the Prime Minister is a few measly minutes long since they only cast him for this film. He’s great, but under used.

Of course there are other actors, but really I’ve never figured out why we don’t get to see some of them, especially when they have important roles that give credence to them having screen time. It’s a joy to see them yet annoying as hell when they say two words and that is it.

I love the Deathly Hallows though. It may just be my favorite of the series, though I’d have to watch the others again. I haven’t seen them in a while. It looks good, has good acting. The story is understandable enough. Some nice action sequences and funny bits. It’s probably the most well-rounded of the series. At least it seems that way.


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