84. Fandango

I was tired when I saw this last night, so maybe I feel like I started to space out a bit during Fandango.

The story really isn’t anything special, which isn’t new. A couple of college guys who head to Mexico in the 70’s after graduating college. One guy is avoiding marriage and then there is the whole potential draft dodging aspect. A nice lovely learning experience through a road trip. I didn’t really care for the characters either. They didn’t seem to really evolve or anything, even after some of these so-called “revelations.” Technically they change, but it seemed somewhat sudden, yet predictable.

It is nicely shot film though. It looks beautiful for the most part and the score is great as well. Kevin Costner is good as is Judd Nelson. The film had some great laughs in it as well.

I kinda expected more from the movie. It’s a good enough concept and was done well, but it just seemed lacking, like it needed a little bit more of a push to make it stand out more. Maybe watching it again will change my mind.


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