83. White Man Can’t Jump

Not entirely true, all though in my experience shorter guys seem to have better ups than taller guys regardless of race.

Anyways, White Men Can’t Jump was a nice little sports/buddy comedy movie. I have a fondness for some of the sports comedies. I’ve always enjoyed playing a number of sports, but I’ve never been competitive. Maybe that’s why I like the sports comedies. They aren’t exactly taking the sport too seriously.

White Men Can’t Jump had a decent enough premise, though it isn’t mind-blowing. It’s pretty easy to figure out and it does get repetitive.

That doesn’t matter though. Woody Harrelson, who I adore, is amazing. He’s defiantly very “white bread” and does great work in comedies. Wesley Snipes is really good to. It’s nice to see him in something other than an action film which is what I know him for mainly. Major League may be the exception. Harrelson and Snipes have pretty good chemistry in the film as well, which is kinda necessary with the buddy comedy aspect. If the two actors look like they hate each other no amount of writing is going to fix that and you can usually tell. Rosie Perez is great as well. I don’t think I’ve ever not liked her in a movie.

The dialogue in this movie is one of the best bits, if not the best bit. There are a lot of great one liners tossed out constantly, especially once you get into the insults during the basketball game. One of my favorite parts is during the 2 on 2 tournament where Harrelson’s character is constantly insulting everybody. The whole Jeopardy thing seemed so surreal as well and was great.

Good comedy to check out even if you aren’t a sports fan or basketball fan.


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