82. Soapdish

I almost posted this yesterday, but I didn’t. I did however watch Soapdish. I looked it up a while ago and completely forgot about it till the other day.

I’m not a fan of Soap opera so any of that kind of stuff went over my head. I’m aware many of the things people poke fun of at them, which I did get. That’s pretty much the movie, making fun of Soap operas.

I really enjoyed this movie. You take a film about a Soap opera and go and create a soap opera out of the “real” actors/characters lives. It’s incredibly over the top and I believe the term camp applies. It’s just great. I felt like there was always a laugh and while things may have been “dramatic” it was funny since there was always something there to laugh at.

The acting was a bit over played, but that was a good thing. The whole movie is supposed to be overdone and it works wonderful. Sally Field and Kevin Kline are great and work together extremely well. Robert Downey Jr. and Cathy Moriarty are also another great pairing. The fit their roles extremely well. Same with Elisabeth Shue and Whoopi Goldberg. I can’t think of anything negative to say about the cast.

The film looks like it might be crap. It isn’t. It is a camp movie, so if you don’t like the over the top performances or stories you wont get into this. Same with the sets and pretty much everything else. A good parallel off the top of my head is Hudson Hawk, which I personally love, though many seem to hate it. The camp aspect in both is similar and you defiantly hate or love it.


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