Expanded Universe

Well I’m about done with classes for the year. Finals week is next week and I have none! I basically had a ton of papers due this week instead. So, while I have a full-time job over the summer I’ll still be able to keep this up and will probably post more. If not more I’ll probably put more effort into some of the reviews since I wont be competing with classwork. I’d actually like to do more analysis on some films or broader topics that aren’t necessarily my thoughts on a film.

I also intend to do some TV watching now that summer is near. I prefer going and watching series all at once one DVD or Netflix. It’s like watching a really long movie or something similar. While the site is focused on film, I’m going to have some posts on some series that I’ll watch. I may just write down all of my thoughts and then put it into one post on a season or the series as a whole. I don’t want to clutter this too much with TV, but I don’t want to create a whole other blog.

The one series I will start posting about weekly, I think, is Doctor Who. I love it so much!

I’ll pretty much be using the categories for the first time and I’ll actually start going back through and organizing some of my older posts that way. Basically try to keep things organized as much as possible so that I can try posting on a number of things.

For anyone who does read this or starts reading it in the future, feel free to complain about my posting on things besides movies or just thoughts/reviews.

Still sticking with the one movie a day goal as well. I’ll probably put those in their own category as well actually.

I may try to publicize my blog more at some point of the summer as well. I’d love to have loads of people reading it and commenting all the time, but its always been more about me to be honest. I wanted to do this to force myself into watching movies regularly (which hasn’t been as difficult) and to write everyday (harder).


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