80. American Cowslip

Well the title American Cowslip was intriguing. That and Val Kilmer and Cloris Leachman had their pictures covering most of the cover on Netflix. So I decided to watch it. It was billed as an indie comedy and I like those two.

Unfortunately neither of them are really in the film. Leachman has a larger role than Kilmer probably as you only see him in two scenes. He’s great in it though.

Basically a very odd tale about heroin and addiction in general. And loss. Pretty much everyone in the film has lost someone and is fucked up in someway. The story has some nice moments, but nothing special. There were a number of funny moments and even more if you enjoy the darker brand of humor.

The movie was shot with extremely vivid colors, that kind of annoyed me. They sort of worked at times, but overall I just didn’t dig it. They felt like they would be more at home with Willy Wonka or some movie focusing on psychedelic drugs.

The cast was pretty diverse and I think they all had there moments. Ronnie Gene Blevins was pretty good. Actually reminded me of a late Heath Ledger in appearances to some extent. Rip Torn was nothing new, but great as always. Loved him in Larry Sanders show. Peter Falk had a great bit at the end as a pastor. Wonky eyes helped as well.

Initially I didn’t care for the movie. It just didn’t hit the right chords and I didn’t care for the humor initially. By the end of the movie the humor was a lot better and things seemed more enjoyable. It was also the point were things just got ridiculous. Maybe the film grew on me. Maybe it really does have a rough start. It grew on me enough though that I’d like to watch it again to see for sure.


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  1. Ronnie Blevins

    Thanks for you review, Nic!
    It was an honest critique of the film and I appreciate it.
    I’m definately a fan of the site now.

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