79. The Money Pit

It amazes me that there used to be a day when I was unaware that Tom Hanks was a comedic actor. That in the 80’s that was his bread and butter. While I was growing up he was hitting all of his drama roles where he was winning awards and being Oscar nominated. Big was probably the only comedy I was aware of. I’ll get back to Mr. Hanks later.

The Money Pit is an 80s comedy. I’d love to write a paper or at least a lengthy blog post about the comedy films of the 80s. There is something unique about them. They’re some of my favorite comedy films and the movies that come out now just are nowhere near the same.

The Money Pit is a great comedy though and Tom Hanks is a good part of why. He’s an amazing actor and one of my favorites. One of my high school english teachers taught a film class and praised Tom Hanks when we were discussing acting. He brought up a good point. Hanks is one of those few actors who has been in a movie of pretty much every main genre of film and the roles weren’t crap. It’s a testament to how good an actor he is and how broad his talent goes. Having watched a number of his early films, which are comedies, I think he is even more amazing. I actually like his comedic work better to an extent. He’s great in them and The Money Pit is a nice example of his comedic talent. He pretty much plays the same role in some of these early films, but it’s not a big deal, because he is good as well are the movies.

Defiantly a film worth watching and if you haven’t seen Hanks early work you should. Also worthwhile to check out some 80s comedies, because they are amazing. Even the cheesy ones are good.


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