76. Born on the Fourth of July

All of the Tom Cruise haters should watch Born on the Fourth of July. I saw it yesterday and it reaffirmed that he is indeed a good actor, despite whatever shenanigans he may get up to elsewhere. I’ve always liked Cruise though. I think a lot of that has to do with my early love of Top Gun when I was younger.

I still stand by the fact that he is a good actor even now. I think he continues to do a good job acting despite all of the other weird shit. Born on the Fourth of July however, is an older movie and one where Cruise is brilliant. It’s defiantly a different role for him as far as I can recall. The supporting cast is great, especially since you have a lot of people who you’ll recognize in a few years from this movie being made.

The story at its base is strong. It would be incredibly hard not to be moved. It is Oliver Stone though and he has a tendency to hit hard on his politics and you can see that here at times. It doesn’t ruin the movie, but it felt slightly jarring at times.

The movie also runs a bit long.  Two and a half hours is a bit much for this movie since a lot of scenes are rather stationary. It does work though. There are scenes that drag, but the movie as a whole doesn’t as much.

Tom Cruise’s make-up changes were annoying as hell to me. He constantly goes back and forth on hair length and where his facial hair is at and what not. There were times where it made sense. Most of the time it seemed kinda haphazard and annoyed me for reasons I can’t quite figure out.

Some of my favorite scenes were actually when they showed Cruise’s character in Vietnam. They were beautifully shot and I was kinda disappointed when we only got to see a few minutes of that footage.


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