74. The Client

I don’t know why I’ve never seen The Client. I love John Grisham and have read most of his books and seen most of the film adaptations. For some reason I never saw this.

It was amazing, though maybe I’m biased. I love his books and the movies, whether they follow the books well or not, immediately have a great premise to run with. They always end up getting great actors as well.

Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Surandon are excellent actors and I don’t know if I’ve ever not liked them. This movie however doesn’t come close to questioning their acting chops. I wish Surandon was my mom after seeing this. Brad Renfro is fucking great as the kid as well. He did an excellent job as a kid actor, which is something to treasure. Will Patton does his small part amazingly well. Again, I feel biased because I love him. He’s a great actor. So is Bradley Whitford, who has an even less glamorous role.

No reason not to see this. Grisham’s stories are great and all of the a adaptations are good as well.

I’ve seen Father of the Bride. Both of them I think actually. It’s been ages and I don’t really remember any of it.

Steve Martin is amazing. I love him. I love his stand-up and wish I could have seen him live. I despise my parents for that kind of thing, especially my dad. They both grew up when all of these great bands were in their prime and touring all of the time, and my dad actually saw a lot of great comedians. He actually has a stack of records of bands and comedians that I love playing.

Anyways, Steve Martin is automatically going to get me to watch one of his movies. He’s always great, even if the movie isn’t. He’s worth watching, even if the movie is horrible. Can’t think of any films like that off the top of my head though.

I loved the movie, though maybe part of it has to do with the emotional chords it happened to hit with me. I feel like a lot of the content is going to hit home more for an older audience. I’m weird though. I’m nowhere near being married (that I know of) and far from having a daughter to give away, but I can empathize. I’ve been to weddings. My dad is getting closer to that point (possibly). I would like to be in both the child’s position and the father’s some day. And while a lot of it is exaggerated to various degrees, the basic elements ring true.

Watch it to see some great comedic performances. Steve Martin and Martin Short are great and the rest of the cast is pretty good as well, some more than others.


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