73. Bunny and the Bull

The reason I watched Bunny and the Bull was because the link it has to The Mighty Boosh. I’m a big fan of the Boosh so I kinda hopped this would be epic.

Not so much. I enjoyed it more than I would if I didn’t know of the Boosh or those actors. They are all great, but the whole story, not so much.

They have a very distinct style that works wonderfully most of the time, but here it just kind of fell flat to me. Things just seemed to move to slow in some respects. It wasn’t that it wasn’t funny, the story just seemed blugh.

Most people probably wont like this as most people probably wont like The Mighty Boosh. Americans at least. I feel like my fellow Americans don’t quite get odd comedy. Maria Bamford just appeared at the college and a number of people I know didn’t like her because they thought she was weird.


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