72. Easy A

Seen it, but wanted to watch it again, because Easy A is a great movie!

I feel like the story is done extremely well considering the genre it is in. I think what helps is that it kinda pokes at the other teen movies that have been successful and unsuccessful. In some instances they blatantly do this. It also helps that pretty much every scene is funny in some way.

As good as the story is though, it’s the cast that makes this all possible. I mean Emma Stone is great and really shines here. I, like Ralph Garmon, have a crush on her, though not as creepy as his. She is a a great comedic actress though. Thomas Haden Church is fucking great and his character is awesome as well. I wish I had more teachers like that. Of course everyone will remember Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci, who I love, as Emma’s parents in the film. They are horrible parents and they make sure to comment on this quite often. As cool as they seem in the flick, they would be the bane of every teenager’s existence. You can only appreciate them at an older age or if you were of advance maturity like Emma Stone’s character. The entire cast really is made up of faces you’ve seen an even if it’s just a small role for two seconds, they do a great job. It really is why the movie rocks.

Actually I think had a realization. A lot of the characters are so well defined that you could make spin off films of each of them. A movie just on the parents would be amazing, partially because of the actors, but also because they are well developed and great characters.

Defiantly a film that needs to be watched if you haven’t seen it already.

Due to the mention of John Cussack films in Easy A I had an urge to watch One Crazy Summer, the only of Cussack’s teen films I haven’t seen I believe.

I love John Cussack, especially Grosse Pointe Blank. I watch that movie all of the time. It helps that they play The Clash a couple of times in it as well.

I was disappointed in One Crazy Summer though. Maybe I was expecting something else or Easy A took to much of my attention, but I wasn’t gushing over the film. That disturbs me to an extent. I love comedies from the 80s. I love how they get incredibly weird and over the top, which this movie does in excess, but that didn’t bother me.

I’ll have to re-watch it because I want to like it more. By the end of the film I was getting into it more, so maybe the beginning was just really off putting.

The cast in this movie is insane! Demi Moore wasn’t really impressive. Bobcat Goldthwait was Bobcat, but he is great. Jeremey Piven had a disappointing appearance, but you can see how he started to get typecast. Curtis Armstrong is pretty much the same as usual, although he’s a much more well rounded character here. My favorite though was William Hickley. I love that man! I want to be as cool as him when I grow older. Unfortunately I haven’t seen him in anything with a big role, though I’m trying to fix that.

It’s a good movie, but maybe the hype ruined it or maybe the beginning is that disappoint. I defiantly was into the movie the further it got along though. I think actually that they went a bit to goofy and out there right off that bat.


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