70. Life as a House

I didn’t know what to expect from Life as a House. I mean the description seemed cheesy as hell and it was described as a “tear-jerker” which does not bode well for me.In retrospect there are a number of things wrong with this movie, but they don’t matter.

I loved this movie despite all of its flaws. The acting is pretty superb, especially from Kevin Kline, who is pretty much great in everything, and Hayden Christensen. Despite the flack Christensen gets, he’s a pretty damn good actor for the most part. He defiantly has the teen angst bit nailed, which is probably what got him Star Wars and to be honest he did a good job there if you take into consideration how the character was being portrayed from all ends. Anakin is a pretty angst ridden in all of the prequels and Hayden does that well.

The story is good and bad. At its basic point it is a miserable Lifetime movie that everyone bashes on. The acting makes up for this, though the story isn’t horrible. There’s enough good that it moves along. Part of the issue with the story is how much crap is in it. Basically any emotional string that can be pulled has a plot and they even have their own subplots. Every topic is tried in this movie which is good and bad. Some of them work a lot of them are just underdeveloped and fail miserably and have no real bearing on the story at all and would have been best left out.

It’s still a moving film though, especially if you just enjoy it for the acting and some of the larger messages that are thrown in. Forget about how implausible all of it is and how predictable the outcome will be. Just go along for the ride and you will be moved. It really would have been a much better tv series than a movie now that I think about it. Maybe just a HBO four-part special kinda thing even. It would have made it easier to cover every topic, which really would have been nice since they were interesting enough.

I also saw The Pick-Up Artist. Didn’t like it.

I like Robert Downey Jr., but I didn’t give a shit about him. I’ve never been a huge Molly Ringwald fan either. I enjoyed seeing the few minutes of Harvey Keitel, Dennis Hopper, and Dany Aiello, and that wasn’t much screen time for all of them combined. The movie just seemed really flat to me and Downey’s character was kinda irritating and seemed all over the place. I may have had my hopes up to much since I usually really enjoy the comedies out of the 80’s.


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