69. Sin Nombre

Well I finished Do the Right Thing which I started last night. Pretty damn good film, though I’m sure it’s raised its own problems from people over analyzing it.

Not gonna go into it much, but its a great cast that has good acting all around. The story moves along and doesn’t really have a lull. Defiantly a film everyone should see.

I also watched Sin Nombre, which is a Foreign language film and the only thing I dislike about it. I don’t like foreign language films for that reason only. Subtitles. I don’t have an issue with reading while watching a  movie, but in some cases I feel like I’m missing out on the visual aspects of the movie, because I’m reading all of the subtitles. It’s little, but it is a significant enough drawback to upset me at times. Starting the movie is the worst, because it takes a  bit to adjust to the reading of the subtitles.

That’s my only complaint of this movie, because otherwise it is amazing and the subtitles are not a good enough deterrent. I thought the romance aspect was a bit cliché, but it wasn’t so overbearing that it destroyed the rest of the movie, though things got a bit heavy towards the end.

A very moving film and probably another one everyone should watch.


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