68. Salt

Again late on the posting. This is for yesterday. I was actually watching Do the Right Thing as well, but was interrupted and basically drank more vodka than I intended, played Halo 3, and all while blasting Disney songs. It was fun, but I got sidetracked from posting this and working on my jr thesis, which needs submitted sunday night as a final “draft,” but not the final version.

So I watched Salt. Your basic spy-thriller. Nothing really spectacular on that end. There are movies that do it better and those that do it worse. The story is unique enough, but the twists are seem like they were pretty predictable, which usually doesn’t work with thrillers.

The action bits were ok, but nothing great either. Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a better spy film for Angelina Jolie, and one that I actually quite like.

The cast wasn’t spectacular either. Again Jolie has done better even with this genre. She plays her part well enough, its just seemed like she wasn’t given a whole lot to do. Liev Schreiber is nothing spectacular either and the same goes for Chitwetel Ejiofor. I feel like those two were just type cast to do roles they’ve already done a couple of times.

Salt was a pretty mediocre film. I wasn’t upset I watched, though I could’ve done without the spiders. I’m a complete pansy when it comes to spiders. It’s something that you just kinda pop in when your bored one day and you haven’t seen it. Somewhere in there.


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