66. Brick

We are watching Brick in class Friday so I figured I’d watch it ahead of time since it’s on Netflix. That and I couldn’t resist seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt early.

I love that guy. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a brilliant young actor and seems to have a nice niche in more indie films. They suit him.

The movie is reallllyyy good. It was a nice take on the noir style and the acting was good all around and the story helped it as well. I’m not an expert on the noir in film or written form, but it seemed to do a good job of sticking with those elements to the point where it started to border on being a parody at times. At least to me it seemed that way. That was my biggest problem with it. That these are high school kids running around doing whatever the hell they want while school is in session. The vice-principles are all in on this as well. The high school setting really just made this seem absurd and it really was just shy of being a spoof of noir films. They easily could have gone that way. I mean no kids talk like that in real life right? If they do I wanna hang out with them.

Casting spot on and great. Again Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a swell job leading the film and has wonderful support. I’m thinking of going into more detail after watching this again in class, so for now this is all. Watch it.


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