65. Peacock

I looked Peacock up a while back when I was trying to find Cillian Murphy movies. I was never able to find the movie and it recently (at least I noticed it recently) appeared on my Netflix Instant Queue (they should pay me for advertising).

It wasn’t what I expected. I went into the movie knowing that it was Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page and that Murphy did some cross dressing or something along those lines.

I was in for a surprise and I actually liked it that way. I’d advise not finding out what the film is about exactly before watching it. I can’t resist spoilers on this film, but I’ll wait till the end to get to them.

The cast is what drew me, but they weren’t anything special. Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, and Josh Lucas were nice, but nothing special. They really could have been replaced. Keith Carradine irritated me because I couldn’t get the image of him as Lundy  from Dexter out of my mind. Bill Pullman was just weird, which I suppose is a testament to his acting chops. Cillian Murphy however steals the show and pretty much is the movie. The only reason to watch this is because of him. I’d skip the rest of this paragraph if you want the movie to stay a good surprise. Murphy’s cross-dressing was amazing. He really pulled the dual look well and it was further complimented by his acting. He was amazing as both personalities, which is what gave them credibility.

The story is kinda convoluted and confusing. It tries to keep a lot of things vague to build surprise and give nice twists. They don’t work. You just sit trying to figure out what the hell happened.

The music is really nice. Kinda subtle and creepy. The visuals capture are beautiful as well and I think may just beat out Murphy’s performance.

~~ Spoilers ~~~~~~~

Plot holes. No shit. I should never read IMDB. So obviously everyone should have notice John was Emma. That was my first reaction, but as the film progressed I accepted it more and more. Part of it is that the director seems to want you to question whether people will recognize him.

There are a number of reasons it isn’t a plot hole. People aren’t observant. People fail to recognize each other on a daily basis without any changes made. That increases if someone’s clothing or hair changes. Murphy’s appearance is handled quite well. He plays a woman nicely and I actually thought he was a woman at first. Some easily wont realize its him until he strips. Both characters also have distinct mannerisms that hide the other personality. John for example hunches over and hides his face. He also mumbles in a deep raspy voice.

So no one knows John really. People seem to ignore him. Once both characters are introduce no one really gives a shit about either of them. There are small interactions, but nothing major. The Sheriff, Fanny, and Maggie have the most contact with John/Emma and that isn’t much. The Sheriff only sees Emma once and Fanny only sees John once (we don’t quite know about their interactions when he was growing up). Maggie sees both a few times, but mainly Emma. Granted she had intimate interactions with John a while ago, but I doubt she wanted to study him to much. She even thought Emma was his mother initially.

The movie also only takes place in a couple of days, a week tops. Not a lot of time to do some examining.

I wanted Lundy to jump in and solve the murder and discover John/Emma as well.


Good movie and it was interesting. It just tried to be to fancy. It might be Murphy’s best performance though and is the reason to check it out.


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