64. The Great Buck Howard

Little side note, avoid Google Chrome. I loved it in the beginning, but lately it has been getting extremely buggy, which is a shame since I rather liked it.

Anyways I watched The Great Buck Howard. You may notice that a lot of the movies I’m watching are Comedies or lighter films. The main reason for this is that they tend to be shorter so I can fit them in easier on busy days. I love comedy. I listen to stand-up comedians all the time and was trying to write my junior thesis on stand-up comedy, but I’m to lazy to do all of that leg work. It’s into a very academic article to reference other sources. I also like to get a little uplifting boost at the end of the day, which is when I tend to watch the movies. They are a nice stress relief  and more if you are comparing it to watching The Silence of the Lambs, which is a great movie, but not as relaxing as Monty Python.

The Great Buck Howard is about a Mentalist (not a magician) who used to be real big on Johnny Carson and now is essentially a hack according to everyone else in the world. Colin Hanks is Troy, who starts out as a young man in law school at the urging of his father. He realizes that he’s miserable in law school (kinda what drives me away from going myself) and moves to L.A. to write. This isn’t profitable so he gets an exciting job as the Great Buck Howard’s road assistant. Shenanigans ensue and by the end of the movie everyone has sort of found their place in their own little corners of L.A. or Bakersfield.

What makes this an excellent film is the cast. John Malkovich is always amazing to me. He just does such a wonderful job at disappearing into his roles, and while I’m saying that you can always tell its him. There is a certain crotchety old man aspect to his roles that creeps out. Colin Hanks holds his own and it’s nice to see him playing the son of his real life father Tom Hanks. There are only a few scenes, but they are cool to see just because of who they are and both are fine actors, including there appearances here. To be honest though, Hanks the Younger isn’t anything special here. Emily Blunt is Emily Blunt. Nothing you haven’t seen from her and is good. Steve Zahn is also Steve Zahn depending on what movie your referencing. He’s doing one of those kinda spaced out awkwardly creepy guys that he does so well. He also has an crazy handlebar mustache. Adam Scott also has a nice little appearance early on. I kinda wish he had been in the film more, because he’s a good actor and his character was interesting. None of the performances were the casts best, but they were very nicely done and they all worked together.

Part of the charm of the movie is how to take Buck Howard. Howard takes himself seriously, while many other people see him as a joke. By the end of the movie you are left wondering there really is something special about this man, or if he is just another corny magician/mentalist with a great bit. Defiantly worth the watch.


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