61. The Living Daylights

I’ve always loved Bond, particularly Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan was always my second favorite because he was the Bond when I was growing up. I never watched Roger Moore. I always heard negative things, mainly the campiness of his versions, and I was so content and thrilled to watch Connery all the time that I didn’t care.

Timothy Dalton is quite good though. Being a fan of the books, he defiantly is Flemings Bond. Maybe I need to brush up on my Bond films, but I never thought that Connery was necessarily comical. There was humor in the film, but it wasn’t like it ever registered as being a huge part. Dalton isn’t void of humor. There were a number of instances that were humorous. Most of them were just little side off the cuff remarks, but it was there.

I also love Dalton’s voice, which maybe has more to do with his appearance in Doctor Who, which was badass.

I mean I hated Craig’s version of Bond initially just because it wasn’t Bond according to any of the other films at least. It wasn’t that it was a bad movie, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. HIs hair color still bugs me though.

Living Daylights wasn’t a great film though. It really started to drag about an hour and half in. I couldn’t wait for the movie to finish. Granted I’m running on two hours of sleep right now, so that me be part of it, but it just seemed to take so long to get there and they just kept adding more and more crap on.

I think I probably need a nap, so I’ll get to that now.

But honestly I feel like people either hate or love a Bond movie based on the actor. As much as I love the movies, they aren’t all as great as I imagine and want them to be. Kinda like Star Wars. I love them, but in reality there are a number of just horrible things in those movies.

Having not actually watched a Roger Moore Bond movie, I’d say he’s my least favorite. The others are all good in their own way and the movies all have their ups and downs. I think that’s part of the reason I try not to like the new run of Bond. The story telling is much better. The movie doesn’t have some of those jarred acts that some of its predecessors had.

I’m writing a film review/analysis/something in there for a class. I’ve been trying to figure out what to watch for a while and I needed to talk to my Prof about it today so I just picked Moon on a whim. I know there’s stuff I can talk about and it’s a movie I can watch again. That and I thought it would be kinda cool to write about a former students film, so look forward for some thoughts on that movie probably tomorrow or Sunday. I may even just use this review as my practice paper, which means it will end up being my actual paper since I don’t rewrite much (incase you can’t tell by my scatter brain posts and lack of grammar corrections).


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