60. Revolver

I love Guy Ritchie films. I like the “gangster” films and the British. The combination of the two done by him is great, especially since he has some lovely dark humor and great music selections. He’s also good at finding great talent.

Revolver however is not Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch, or Rock N Rolla, or Sherlock Holmes. It defiantly is a Guy Rithcie movie, but the humor isn’t up to par, the music is gone, the action is toned down and the plot is beefed up and made extraordinarily polluted. I however, still liked it, but it is far from his best and out of the films I listed it is below all of them.

Still a great movie. It looks excellent, the acting is great, the premise is great, the music is a nice touch. The acting is fucking fantastic. Weird to see Jason Statham with hair and I always forget about Mark Strong. He is fucking amazing and is great at just disappearing in his roles. Ray Liotta is great, but I kinda get tired of seeing him in these roles, despite how good he is at them. His orange tan was bizarre as well. Really everything works pretty well other than the story is fucked up. I think he tried to go a bit to highbrow with the psychological mumbo-jumbo. I understood most of it (or some of it at least), but there are a lot of people who wont get it ( and there is nothing wrong with not understanding it). The length made it worse. It’s not like it’s a long movie, but since its so dense it makes the movie drag some.


I think I got the “message” and bits from the movie. Gold is the “con” that was created by Avi and Zach. A made up figure (who no one sees), but via word of mouth is powerful and frightening. Like the Wizard of Oz (not the greatest reference, but close enough.)

There are also the rules about severing emotional ties, greed, and you being your worst enemy and some other things I think. That stuff I’m not so sure about.

The other stuff wasn’t that hard to figure out (for me at least). As soon as he told the story of being in jail I assumed the two men he was with were those two men. I mean Avi was playing fucking chess. To me that seemed like a giant siren. That or I felt it might have been a red herring, but it wasn’t. I started guessing Gold wasn’t real once Mr. Green’s bother calls him and warns him about Avi and Zach being the only two Gold hasn’t gone after. If he doesn’t give any leeway, than why the hell let those two go? And if he was real why wouldn’t you want to team up with them?

Personally I understand not getting that stuff even by the end of the film Ritchie doesn’t do a good job at making things all that clear by the end and does a shittier job during the movie.

~~~~~~~~~~Spoilers Done~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One thing that bugged me was that apparently this is set in Las Vegas, which seemed odd. Maybe I read wrong. I understand that Ritchie is British and that it would make sense for the casting to go that way, but if it is supposed to be Vegas, than an odd mix of British and American actors (mostly Brits) made it just seem weird. I’ve never been to Vegas though, so maybe they all have accents like that.

I defiantly want to watch it again, mainly to see if I get a better handle on some aspects of it. It’s not something I’m going to watch repeatedly like his other films.


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