58. AD/BC: A Rock Opera

AD/BC: A Rock Opera I suppose is not exactly a movie, though I’m going to count it. It’s close enough for me.

It is a wonderful little spoof of Jesus Christ Superstar, which I love. The music in that show was great and so is AD/BC’s music, especially since a number of songs are directly parodied.

I feel like this wold appeal to a broad enough audience, but if you are a fan of its creators then you’ll love it and it’s pretty much what you would expect. Amazing talent from the same guys (Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, etc.) with a low-budget. They are an amazing group worth checking out. Defiantly not everyone’s cup of tea though. To be honest The Mighty Boosh didn’t win me over right away. I got into it the further I got in the series.

There are a number of very cheezy carless things that make this great. During one of the songs the innkeeper closes the gate, but it opens as the lady is singing in front of it. He goes and pulls it shut and you can see him standing there holding it shut. Clearly not great production quality, but that’s part of the charm, because they go with it. It’s like the paper-mache creations for Boosh. They aren’t high quality, but they work in a marvelous way.


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