56. Gorky Park

I remember seeing this in the video store all the time. I was always tempted to pick it up, but I never did. It wasn’t something I was ever looking for and I usually had something else in mind. My parents recommended it to me though, so I figured it would be good. Just never watched it.

There are two reasons I would want to watch this. 1. William Hurt. I’ve been fond of him. Not sure what exactly, but he just plays these very cool laid back types. 2. It’s Russian. Well it deals with Russia. Ever since seeing The Hunt For Red October (one of my favorite films), I’ve been intrigued by Russia.

The Russia part is partly why this movie is good. Gorky Park came out in 1983, so the Cold War was still going on and hence the lack of filming in Russia. I don’t know how people don’t grasp that. The setting though is what’s intriguing. Most “cop” movies I’m used to seeing, or TV shows, take place in New York or LA. Some big city. That or they are historical pieces like Westerns. A “cop” movie in Soviet Russia is getting my interest right off the bat. That and it was nicely constructed.

My biggest problem with thrillers in general are they tend to end up being dull. They spend so much time trying to build suspense and keep you interested by thickening the plot, that they go to far. The movie runs longer than it needs be and they end up with a number of dead spots or unnecessary plot points, characters, scenes, etc. in the film. I thought Gorky Park handled it somewhat well, but it did suffer from those pitfalls. By the end of the movie I was ready for it to be over. Twenty minutes ago.

I’m not quite sure about the complaints about the casting either. William Hurt is wooden. I can see that. He’s also playing a Russian and in following stereotyping and my familiarity of Russians in film, they tend to be kind of wooden. They are cold, wooden, and angry. The only time they are happy is if they are drunk (from vodka of course) and getting in the mood to beat the shit out of some one or something similar enough. Point is that view is defiantly part of the stereotype and Hurt plays it, though I thought he was human enough. He didn’t seem wooden to me and neither was the rest of the cast in my opinion.

It’s a nice, unique film, with some faults, but worth watching, especially if you look cop-mysteries/thrillers or Russia.

I did some more Doctor Who watching. I’m almost done with re-watching Series 5 sadly. I ended up distracting myself all day with it to the point that I’m kind of screwed with school work at the moment. Sort of worth it though and I’m tempted to continue the postponement of classwork to watch another episode or two.


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