55. Source Code

So today (or yesterday technically) I managed to make the trip off campus to see Duncan Jones’s new movie Source Code. It was crap.

I lie. It was great. Grand actually. I sort of felt it was my duty to go see the movie (I attend his alma mater and there is a picture of him on set on the school website). I loved Moon and honestly I thought this was going to be a crap film. I forgot Jones was making the film when I saw the trailer. Honestly the trailer does a disservice to the film I think. To me it looked like it was going to run the same gambit that every other film has with this type of “going back in time” deal. It is far from it (though it has those elements). I’d advise getting a hold of Moon and watching it first. It will prepare you for what Source Code is.

Why I liked this movie: the running time. It’s 93 minutes. It may sound odd to list that off right away, but in retrospect it is kind of what makes the movie brilliant. Jones cuts a lot of shit out and plays with it in creative ways so things aren’t to repetitive (though due to the material a number of things are, but in a cool way). If the movie ran longer, it would have gotten dull and tiresome. Instead everything just kept running along and you didn’t feel exhausted or bored by the end. A lovely mix of action and some incredibly deep moments. It’s great pacing, because it kind of puts you in the characters position as far as how jarring it can be. It works though.

The special effects seemed nifty and well done. It didn’t feel like they were over used or anything. The film looked great for the most part. Granted there is only so much you can do with two or three sets, but there are a lot of things that go into allowing it to change.

Jake Gyllenhaal. I hate him sometimes. Well, not hate, but I’m not fond of him in general. His roles just never seem that engaging some times. This however, was a role I enjoyed and I thought he did a good job with it. Nowhere near Sam Rockwell in Moon, but still good especially if you compare it to other Gyllenhaal performances. Michelle Monaghan wasn’t anything special, though I enjoy a lot of what I’ve seen her in (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). She didn’t have much to do it seemed. She was good, but it was just disappointing in not getting her to do much. In some respects that’s nice. It would’ve kind of sucked if her character was constantly trying to aid Gyllenhaal’s and understood/believed what was going on. Jeffrey Wright was a nice prick and Vera Farmiga did a swell job, even though a lot of her screen time was just a face on a “computer screen.”

I’m sure the interwebz are crawling with people bitching about plot holes and how the movie doesn’t work or the ending is crap. I could care less. I enjoyed the movie and didn’t bother trying to think about any of that crap. When it comes to science fiction or fantasy elements being used I turn off that analytical crap. I may talk about it with people for shits and giggle,s but not seriously. As far as I know (much to my dismay) Hogwarts does not exist. Nor does the Force. I tried the Luke Skywalker trick of raising rocks off the ground with my hand and concentration. It never worked. I actually have vivid memories of doing this while waiting for the bus.

Any-who, the move is great and is defiantly in the style of Duncan Jones, but with more money this time, which is nice to see. Not that he needed it. Moon again rocked. Personally I like that he tackles some of these “big” issues and questions. They are placed incredibly well and are actually interesting. It also gives the move more depth. I kind of wonder with his father (Mr. Bowie had anything to do with the sci-fi influence).


This is not a movie, but it would be kind of fucking AWSOME if they made some. No need to though, because it would probably disappoint excuse it would end. I’m talking about Doctor Who. I’m actually listening to “I am the Doctor” right now. Fucking amazing song. Anyway, the new series, six, is coming out/starting at the end of the month and I’m slowly going insane because of this. I can’t wait. Sadly it will be at the end of the semester/school year so I’ll have some shit to do, which will irritate me momentarily. Fortunately the summer will be wide one for Doctor Who indulging.

I’ve started watching Series 5 again. I realized it is now April and  must re-watch the last series at least. Matt Smith is sexy and amazing. I love Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant, but for some reason I sort of bond with Matt Smith. I was actually sad to Eccelston leave. I really liked him, though Tennant defiantly surpassed him. He added quite a bit to the character. Maybe it’s the age. Maybe it’s because his Doctor wears bow-ties and suspenders, which I have been wearing since before I saw him. Maybe there are just enough quirks that are similar to mine that I enjoy seeing. Dunno, but I kind of almost like him more than Tennat, which I will be slowly murdered for saying.

Anyways, I’ve become obsess with Doctor Who and I may just have to talk about it on this blog. That or create a whole new one devoted for Doctor Who alone. I’m torn. For now though, I’ll briefly talk about how amazing the “Eleventh Hour” is. It rocked my socks off (I rarely wear shoes, let alone socks). There is just some much winning done in this introduction to not only a new series, but a new Doctor. I mean Matt Smith has some great monologues and the one at the end on the roof is fucking great. The music helps. The Pandorica one where he yells at everyone is great as well. There is just so much that makes it a great episode. And the rest are not to shabby.

That might be part of why I live Matt Smith’s series more. Steven Moffat took over and made a fucking great series. Watching it again now, I appreciate all of the little links and nods to the future and past that he’s intertwined into the series. The stories are just amazing as well and they all tie together. The David Tennant years were good, but there were some episodes that were just very lackluster. They were noticeable to me at least with watching them back to back. You could tell where one just wasn’t as good. I like the “sidekicks” more as well. I thought Donna was annoying and Rose got a bit old after a while. Martha was pretty good though. That’s also part of it. They changed. Granted it’s only been one series right now, but the companions are really good and could stand up by themselves more.

Well this is possibly my longest post and I apologize to anyone who read it. If you liked any of it please comment. I’d love to actually hear from people. I actually even have a question. Should I write Doctor Who stuff here or create a separate blog? If another blog I actually wouldn’t mind collaborating with someone/people.




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