50. Lymelife

I feel like indie comedies tend to be pretty good. Not quite sure why, they just seem to work for me. The drama aspects always seems to be somewhat similar, but I digress.

I was not alive during the setting of Lymelife. I wasn’t even thought about. Honestly it didn’t really seem like the the era mattered. Apart from a few details, and the obvious one with the Lyme disease, it could easily have been set now. Long Island wouldn’t have worked, but still. It didn’t feel like it played a large enough part to necessarily warrant it and I feel like if your setting it in the past than there should be notable enough reason to do so or at least make it stand out a bit more. I dunno.

I liked the film, that’s what is important. Everyone’s performances were good, but nothing exceptional really. I really liked the banter between the Culkin’s and I’ve always had a fondness for Kieran. I suppose part of the reason the two brothers work well is simply because they are brothers.

One of the things I enjoyed was how grey and bleak everything was visually. I’m from the Midwest, not New York, but things here tend to be kinda grey and bleak when it’s not Summer and even then it tends to be that way sometimes still. It’s nice seeing that kind of setting as opposed to everything either being snow or bright and sunny summer day.

The movie is pretty miserable in the sense that it really isn’t that uplifting. There are a number of funny moments in the movie, but it’s not like it’s enough to warrant calling this a comedy.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the ending either. Spoiler~~~~~~~


The version I saw Baldwin was not shown dead, just implied. I kinda got the impression that he was supposed to be shot by Hutton, and this was confirmed by another ending of the movie where he apparently is shown lying on the ground after the shot. If you pay attention to Baldwin cleaning the window then you’ll notice the doe’s reflection in the glass in a number of the shots. That was pretty much what confirmed it for me. The last shot was him standing there with the deer’s reflection in the corner. I also took this as Charlie possibly missing the doe. The first time he shoots the target Rory makes some comment about his aim being off and he is defiantly out of it by the end of the movie.


Anyways a good movie worth watching.


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