49. Boogie Nights

I’ve never had the chance really to watch Boogie Nights till now. My local video store and library didn’t have and there once was a time not so long ago where your options ended there.

It lived up to my expectations, because it was a great movie in every way possible. For me the music is what I loved the most in a way. I love the bands, the style, and the songs in the film. Rock music from that era was just great. In some respects it reminded my of Dazed and Confused in that they both had excellent soundtracks that worked with the film.

The acting was mind blowing as well. I get so giddy when I see these kind of movies. Movies that have so many actors who are past their peak, in their peak years, or those who aren’t even on the chart yet. To have a cast with so much depth, especially in retrospect, just gets me all excited. Everyone in that film has proven themselves at some point by now and all of them did it back in that film as well.

I did grow a bit tired towards the end. It’s a long movie and once things just start spiraling out of control, things got a bit dull. It was done well, but it ran to long and none of it was really concrete. They were mostly snapshots. It went to long for me, though it was a nice idea how they edited all together so that you saw this little pieces of their lives apart.

Spoiler ~~~~~

I was kind of disappointed that they showed Diggler’s “dick” at the end. I personally licked the gimmick of keeping it from view, but it’s not like it killed the movie.


The movie defiantly lives up to the hype and while a movie about the porn industry might be a bit shady or unappealing to some, it really isn’t and is worth watching.


I also unintenially watch part of the Lord of the Rings Series. I caught the end of Two Towers and most of The Return of the King. It wasn’t my intention to watch it, but it was on and I fell into the trap of talking to those who were watching it and enjoying some good Lord of the Rings movies.

I have to say though, that I’m not nearly as impressed as I used to be. For some reason it really clicked how bad some of the dialogue is in that movie, particularly with Sam and Frodo. Some of those scenes were just painful to watch and really Elijah Wood just made it hard to bear.

Actually I now want to name my future child (if I ever have a son) Gandalf. Combining it with my grandfathers name and my last name it actually sounds really good. I know people named Eowyn so why not. Better than Smeagol.


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  1. that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

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