48. Tangled

I enjoyed Tangled now that I watched it. It looked quite a bit like a DreamWorks film though. Mainly with the type of humor used. Not what I’m used to seeing in Disney films.

Overall it works well for me and I like the new humor mixed with a bit of the old. One thing Disney still hasn’t gotten back yet is the music. Maybe it’s just because I grew up with those early 90’s films, but some of the songs there are still remembered today. The ones in later films, not so much. I liked Mother Gothel’s “Mother Knows Best.” It had the kinda feel to it that old Disney films did and it was one of two somewhat catchy songs. The second was “I have a Dream.” This to me was defiantly harking back to my youth. The song is catchy and funny enough, though not where it needs to be to hit that golden mark. It hits the choreography on the spot though. It’s an outrageous scene that is completely over the top, just like the good old days. That and it’s happy, not a sad song of longing or love.

I liked that lack of talking animals as well. Maximus and whatever the Chameleon’s name was were great little pieces and they never needed to speak. ACtually they are probably my favorite characters in the movie. Though Paul F. Tompkins doing the voice of some old deranged man is nice for what it is.

I liked it better than The Princess and the Frog. This seemed to be trying less. That and I guess the humor was better here. Actually it’s probably because they’re trying a number of new things in here, while still sticking to some classic moves. I feel like the attempt was to combine the best hits from Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks. It’s probably the closest Disney has gotten in replicating the early 90’s so maybe they’ll hit it again. If history repeats itself Disney should be about ready to rise up and bring in breakthrough like they did in the 90’s. Hopefully.

I also watched Big Fan and the only reason I did because I saw Patton Oswalt. It’s kind of an odd movie. As funny as parts are, the rest of the drab content over powers it. Personally I felt sorry for Paul (Oswalt), especially the way his family is painted. It’s definitely a strong story, although it is slow. The performances are pretty good, especially Patton’s. He really fit the role perfectly.

Don’t expect a lot from his stand up, other than some of his personality showing through.


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