46. Christopher and His Kind

I just realized that this didn’t get published for some reason the other day so here it is almost 24 hours from the time I wrote it.

Christopher and His Kind is amazing to me. I was not aware of Christopher Isherwood till I watched this. The main reason I watched this has to do with Matt Smith. I was listening to an old Nerdist podcast (I’m behind by a lot) and it was mentioned. That and I’ve been anticipating the start of the new season in April of Doctor Who. Maybe I’ll make an entire blog devoted to that.

I feel like a TV film in the UK is substantially better than what is made in that format in the U.S. It’s good enough to stand on it’s own in my opinion, but maybe I’m still just taken by Matt Smith.

To be honest I could not stop picturing the Doctor when the film started. Both characters have a few similar enough traits that you notice, especially if your prime familiarity of Smith is from Doctor Who. After a bit though, I stopped noticing. It didn’t stand out anymore. There were a couple of Doctor moments, but I attribute that to both roles being of someone who is a bit quirky at times and cold. His performance stands out on it’s own though. The supporting cast is quite good as well. The only oen I’m familiar with off the top of my head is Toby Jones, and I thought he was remarkable as well.

It’s one of those things that I love about British comedies (though this isn’t really a comedy) is that they do them so well most of the time. The script is very witty and going back to Smith’s performances there’s always some odd quirk that just works. I really can’t think of how to explain it, but it’s always there in the good ones (which most I’ve seen are).

Not being familiar with Isherwood, the story was excellent. I love seeing movies that deal with an old topic (like World War II) and play it in a different light. That aside, the story is incredibly interesting and keeps you going. I could see where some might loose interest towards the latter half. The ending of the film experiences a number of jumps in time, but for me they were fine.

For me though it was just lovely to see Matt Smith acting again and I look forward to seeing him in roles outside of Doctor Who since he does seem to be an outstanding acting. I mean his performance in Doctor Who is incredible, especially when you look at him having to follow David Tennant.

Enjoy some Doctor Who videos from Comic Relief;


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