45. Girl Walks into a Bar

So now that I just posted by snippet for yesterday, let’s get to the movie I just watched on Youtube. Yes I watched it on YouTube because Girl Walks Into a Bar was released on the internet and you can legally watch it for free on YouTube.

So not a great movie. A great cast with some good performances, but the story kinda screwed it over. I understand it being episodic. That didn’t bother me. What got me was the lack of connection. They do all connect at some point, but a few of them just don’t really have any point. They don’t add anything and are just kinda crap, acting and witty dialogue aside.

Personally I feel like I missed something somewhere. I’m not sure if it’s the way the film is constructed or that they genuinely left out a number of connecting details, because while I understood what went on for the most part, by the end I was lost. The story at the beginning is resolved maybe half way through (guessing). The rest of the film doesn’t have any importance.

Overall though it is good and since it’s only 80mins(1:20) it’s worth watching. It’s also free so you are spending any money (other than for internet access). The acting is well done (though Josh Hartnett/his character seemed really out of place). There are also some really good dialogue exchanges. Just don’t expect the story to be amazing and tough it out through the slow spots (which happen sporadically).


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