42. The Madness of King George

The Madness of King George has a nice cast. Helen Mirren, Ian Holm, Nigel Hawthorne, Rupert Everett and a number of others in smaller roles. It’s one of the greatest aspects of this film. The cast is headed by some great performers and the supporting cast is just as good leading to excellent performances all around.

The movie is a period piece. Some people like them others hate them. Some only like a select few. As good as this is I don’t think someone who doesn’t like these type of films will enjoy it. It has enough humor though that it might sway some people. Personally I didn’t really know anything about the historical topic at hand. While the film didn’t bother explaining everything to set the viewer up, enough was given that you could figure it out. I tend to look stuff up on the Google anyways so that usually isn’t an issue for me. Still, it’s another notch against the movie if you aren’t a fan of the period pieces.

The humor is great though. In some respects it’s almost a dark comedy since a good deal of these moments revolve around the suffering of King George. I guess dark comedy wouldn’t be right, but the humor is darker if you think about what you are chuckling at. The flip-side is that things do get serious and depressing at points, which just reinforces how diverse the film is.

I liked it, but I’m also a fan of a number of “foreign” actors and films that come from the UK, particularly the comedies.

I wanted to like this movie more than I did. It seemed like it would be better, especially with the cast, but it wasn’t. Maybe my expectations were to high.

The Good Night really isn’t anything special. Vanilla Sky and Abre Los Ojos among others come to mind when I saw this. It didn’t help that Penelope Cruz was in this as well. The film held its own though with an interesting enough premise even if it didn’t seem original. The humor was consistent and good enough that it was another plus. The cast was good, but not anything new or special. Really the film just didn’t seem to rise to the occasion. I didn’t feel like there was much of a build up and things just kinda stayed pretty static.

I guess this is an example where the cast let me down since I put too much weight on them. Gwyenth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz really didn’t get much screen time to build their characters. Simon Pegg was in a similar boat and really he was just kinda there to add some jokes it seemed. Danny DeVito was good, but again the lack of screen time didn’t really allow for us to get much out of his appearances. Martin Freeman gets the screen time and the possibility of development, but his character doesn’t really do much, which might be the point of the whole film.

Dunno. Nice to sit back and watch if you are bored, but the film isn’t thrilling, so it might just make things worse.


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