41. The Tourist

Obviously I watched The Tourist. I had low expectations. The trailers really didn’t make me feel like this would be anything good. I was wrong.

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp do well in the film, though it’s not their best. It was nice to see Paul Bettany (still love him in A Knights Tale) and Timothy Dalton (he was great in Doctor Who) make appearances. Steven Berkoff was another nice addition. I kept thinking he was an old Bond villain from Connery’s era, but I was wrong. He was in Octopussy, but what I really remembered him from was Beverly Hills Cop. Nowhere near that performance, but still good.

I didn’t feel like there was anything outstanding about the movie. It was cute. It was also funny, but very subtly. I can understand placing it in the Comedy section for Golden Globes now that I’ve sen it since it does have quite a bit of humor and fits that more than Drama.

It’s worth watching if you want to sit back and enjoy a nice easy flick. Don’t get to worked up over it, because it’s not meant to be complicated and it really isn’t.


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