40. Sucker Punch

I saw Sucker Punch last night with some friends and that’s the only reason I went. Personally the movie was crap and didn’t exceed my expectations.

Zack Snyder is known for 300 and Watchmen, both of which were movies that i just didn’t like. I’ve never gotten the fascination with 300 and I understood the hype for Watchmen, but both movies just sucked. If you’ve seen both or one of those films you’ve seen Sucker Punch.

Snyder over uses slow-motion. The opening sequence is ten minutes at least (guestimate) and is pretty much entirely down in slow motion. Every action/dream sequence has slow-motion, some of which utilize it to the point where the entire fight scene is in slow-motion. That or he’ll occasionally speed things up for five seconds.

Like previous films he takes good music and remixes it. In this case and with Watchmen some really good songs were trashed. They are usually slowed down and made to seem “eerie” which usually doesn’t actually fit with the song. I love the Pixies “Where is My Mind,” it’s one of my favorites songs, and it was fucked up in here.

He also uses a lot of CGI and other computer effects to create his visual look of the film. There’s a lot of cleaning up to the point where nothing looks realistic at all. The people could easily be CGI with the amount of touch up work done to make them look flawless. It’s overdone and isn’t impressive the third time around.

There are a number of other repeat trademarks of Snyder that show up and aren’t anything special to me. I didn’t hate the movie though. The premise for the film was actually interesting. Troubled girls coping with their issues (very VERY loose idea). The visuals and action though nullify this though as well as with their really being much of a story. The one friend I was with had it right; it’s a video game. It would actually make a good video game and that is EXACTLY how it looks when you are watching the movie, especially with the way the action sequences are set up where you fight a “Boss” in each one.

Some of the CGI was cool. I liked how the Samurai thingys looked and the Orcish creatures were pretty cool as well as the steampunk Germans. Other than that it didn’t seem like anything special.

The dialog was crap all around. I mean the action sequences were the best examples of this. They essentially never talked and when they did it was just shite. Scott Glenn plays a “Wise Man” and essentially says the same thing over and over. Even in the “sub-reality” the dialogue is nothing special.

That’s another thing to explain. The movie will remind you of Inception. There’s the three levels:

1. Reality. And this doesn’t ever really exist. The first ten and last ten minutes and that’s about it.

2. Alternate Reality. The Asylum becomes a Brothel essentially and is what most of the film is set in besides the dreams.

3. Dreams/Escape. The place where all the odd actions sequences take place.

None of this is explained, it just jumps right in and you’re expected to follow. I was aware of this before the movie started, but I can see where it would be jarring for most. At least Inception explained things.

Crap movie, could have been cool, and should be a good video game, but probably won’t be. The separate “dream fight” sequences could be cool movies. The steampunk Germans in WWI for example is a simple enough idea that would be cool expanded. Modern technology fighting dragons and Orcs is cool, though Reign of Fire exists all ready.

Basically if you want to watch a two-hour video game go for it. That or you want to see girls pushing their almost exposed breasts up and wearing extremely skimpy clothing then this is your movie. Otherwise, and I recommend it, don’t bother. It really isn’t worth the ticket price, even for a matinee. Maybe watch it on DVD. Better off watching it for free somehow (legally since I suppose I shouldn’t endorse pirating) if at all. Nothing being missed.

PS: John Hamm has a very small role, so don’t get to worked up about seeing him.


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