39. $5 a Day

I love Christopher Walken. I have not seen everyone one of his movies or most of them. This is mainly because he is in everything. Hopefully before I die I will have seen all of his movies.

Walken is the reason to watch $5 a Day. There are other reasons, but really all you need to know is that he is in this flick and it is a comedy, which means it’s great. It’s a different film and it’s kind of subtle to a certain degree.

Alessandro Nivola is pretty good (watch the Goal! movies) and Sharon Stone has a nice brief appearance (she’s still got it). Still though, it’s Walken who carries the film and really he’s all you need. The other actors could have been crap and he would have made the film work.

The movie is really nice though. I really enjoyed the end actually and I feel like the movie improves the further you get into it. Defiantly worth watching and especially if you like Walken.


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