38. Middle Men

The list if movies I want to watch is incredibly enormous and Middle Men is simply another film that was on that list. I heard about it when Kevin Pollack mentioned it during his Podcast, the Kevin Pollack Chat Show, which is quite good though I don’t regularly listen. I tend to just download them and pop them on at random times.

Anyways, the film. It’s got an interesting premise that immediately got my intention. The internet and porn. It’s not the greatest film, however it’s not crap. I actually quite liked it mostly. I think it did a good job for the most part at putting in some comedy, though it could have used a bit more maybe. Something at least to pick a few slow spots up.

The cast is what pulls it through though, which doesn’t sound spectacular coming from me. I’m an actor whore. None of the performances are stellar, but they help prevent the movie from being crap. Rade Serbedzija is fucking awesome and I love that man. He’s just so badass and I feel like he would be great in some comedies. Luke Wilson does a decent job, but I’ve never been a fan. Giovanni Ribisi is another actor who is really good. He has nice range, though he usually plays more “trashy/weird/pathetic” kinda roles. Don’t really know quite how to describe it. There are a number of good actors in very small supporting roles or cameos which are always a treat to see, especially in this case as they don’t take anything away from the film.

Worth watching, but nothing spectacular. Could have been better if it went more towards comedy or dark comedy or crime drama/thriller thing. Floated a bit too much in between really.


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