36. Presumed Innocent

I love Harrison Ford. I think it comes from watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones as a youngster, but maybe not. I still stand by him being a great actor. My love for this man is why I watched Presumed Innocent. He’s in it and I don’t recall ever seeing this so I watched it and I enjoyed it.

I’ve been in the mood for thrillers lately and this is yet another one and involves the courts. I personally thought it was handled extremely well. The characters are all kind a shitty and dirty so it makes it hard to really lump any of them into strict good or evil, just shades of grey. It’s why this movie works.

I’m not sure about the ending though. Spoiler – SPoiler spoiler spoiler



I didn’t like the wife’s confession. I thought she did a good job, but it didn’t really mesh to me. It just dragged the ending out even more than needed. I personally kinda liked just ending it with him cleaning the hammer. Maybe just stop with her standing behind him, but no need to delve into her lengthy confession.


Anyways I liked the movie. Excellent cast. A lot of recognizable faces and good acting all around.


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