34. The Lincoln Lawyer

So I finally made it to the theaters and I caught The Lincoln Lawyer. I liked it a lot. I’m also a fan of John Grisham though and it felt like one of his books. Interestingly enough Matthew McConaughey played a lawyer in A Time To Kill, which was a Grishman book turned to film.

Anyways it’s designed to a  specific audience. I wouldn’t say it’s a courtroom drama, rather a legal thriller or drama. Dunno really. The plot isn’t the most complex, but it is interesting and keeps you attentive. It’s also not so simple that it’s boring.

I personally like McConaughey. Maybe I just get caught up in his charm, but I never feel like he is shite. He plays a very specific type of character though and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. Actually I think he’d probably be really good as Jimmy Buffett if a film is ever made about him. Marisa Tomei was hot and William Macy was fuckin sweet. Neither has a huge role, but it’s nice seeing them. Ryan Phillippe is a complete twat as usual. Nothing against his acting, because he is good, but he seems to play characters that are just irritating.

Good genre film and worth catching. Better than some of what’s been coming out, though I wouldn’t really know since I haven’t seen them. Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of these new flicks that are just coming out as a couple of them seem really good.

I also watched Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood. Not much to say. The film itself isn’t anything overtly special as far as the story is concerned. Despite that it is really good, partially because of its cast. Mr. Eastwood is as gruff and menacing as ever. His one line insults are amazing as well. Defiantly worth watching.

I also saw See This Movie. Despite having some good actors; John Cho, Jim Piddock, and Seth Meyers it really didn’t work for me. It’s a nice premise and the cast helps pull it off, but it just didn’t work. There were a couple of spots that were funny, but for the most part I was just bored. There wasn’t enough to keep me really invested. It wasn’t a laugh out loud film, just amusing. Early on though Patton Oswalt makes a brief appearance and he is a fucking amazing man.


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