32. Remember the Daze

So I was to lazy/tired (mainly lazy) to post this last night, so this is what I watched yesterday (3 movies!)

I watched this mainly as “research” as in I’ve been working (sort of) on something similar, but not really. Not that great of a movie. Remember the Daze is clearly riffing from Dazed and Confused and honestly pales in comparison, but I’m biased. I loved Dazed and Confused.

I felt it leaned a bit to hard on the drugs and booze. I understand that this is a big deal to an extent and kids back in the day used all the time, but I don’t recall anyone talking about it nonstop. Granted I tend to keep to myself, but drinking and shit was just something we did, not something that was obsessed over.  All that constant talk just put me off.

And the characters weren’t engaging to me. I didn’t really give a shit about any of them. I don’t really know anything about most of them. I really like Shahine Ezell though. I thought he did an excellent job. And of course Brie Larson was fucking great, though didn’t have any screen time really.

There were just a lot of things that didn’t get developed enough. Everything was pretty understated which was a bummer. Some of the camera tricks were neat though. Nothing to rave about though. Better off watching Dazed and Confused.

I also watched Morning Glory. I liked it. I agree that it isn’t anything amazing, but again I like movies that are just easy to sit back and chill to.

I also love Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum and Diane Keaton (sometimes). Unfortunately none of them really got a chance to shine which is a huge mistake. I mean when you have that kind of talent I feel like more should’ve come from it. Not that any of them were horrible.

Essentially a mediocre film, but I have no problem with that. I enjoy mediocre films if they entertain me and even more if the actors are ones I generally like.

Burlesque was not a good movie really. The music wasn’t anything special, although Christina Aguilera sounded good, but it wasn’t enough.

The story wasn’t anything special either. Really there was nothing catching in the film which really sucks. Maybe I just put to much stock into some actors, but I loved the cast of this film which makes my disappointment so hard.

I mean Cam Gigandet is really good. I love what I’ve seen him in (That includes the O.C. which may lose me points but I don’t care it had good humor). He needs more of a chance to shine. And no one can hate Stanley Tucci. He’s just fuckalicous. Peter Gallagher is usually good and I loved seeing the brief spots from Alan Cumming and Dianna Agron (marry me?) as well. Shit I love Kristen Bell (go on Ferguson again please and marry me?) and she got kinda screwed in the movie as well.

Really this should’ve been a better film just with the cast alone. Apart from getting to see some kick-ass actors there really is no reason to watch this movie.


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  1. Brie Larson was a straight up bitch in remember the daze I don’t know how she was “fucking awesome” but yea,

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