31. The A-Team


I like my action movies fast paced with lots of violence and explosions. That pretty much sums up what an action movie needs to me. That and things need to be moving constantly. A number of action flicks seem to slow down at parts to focus on some melodrama (depressing shit or romance usually). I felt the A-Team was a good action film. It fit the criteria above pretty well for the most part. It’s nothing special, but it worked for me, though more Liam Neeson would have been nice. Really there were a lot of places where more would have been better, but still it was enjoyable.

To me a great action film is Crank, because it is just constantly moving with a simple plot, few large characters, a lot of action with violence and explosions. It’s also fairly funny depending on your taste.


I’m a sucker for sentimentality most times. I’m really not a manly guy. I’m rather wimpy and I’m fine with that for the most part. It’s who I’ve always been. It’s also probably partly why I enjoy rom-coms and “chick flicks.” I also love kids (not in a creepy way/hence being teacher in training). I just get kinda mushy or whatever over those bits, which from my experience most guys (mainly ones my ageish or younger) don’t relate to or don’t admit to it as openly as I do.

Anyways I really enjoyed The Switch. I honestly thought it was going to be crap and I was proved wrong. Granted a lot of it isn’t originally and was generally sucky, but it is what it is. This type of film usually isn’t anything overtly special. What made this work for me, and most similar films, is the cast. A number of the actors in the film are ones I enjoy watching and while they weren’t all great, I still get a kick out of seeing them.

Jason Bateman (I always think Batman) and Thomas Robinson (the kid) are just amazing. They had great chemistry in the film and are really what made this so fucking good. I mean again the sentimentality gets to me and they pulled it off. It was adorable.

Bateman is one of those guys who I’m somewhat torn with. I like him as an actor, I think he’s really good. However he’s played a few roles (can’t think of them off the top of my head) where he was pretty much a douche and he did it so well that it’s scarred into my brain. I always approach him now hesitantly and wait to see which way he falls because he does both so well. I feel like he’s in the middle ground for the most part and can easily sway to either side and make you love him or hate him.

Anyways it’s a good flick, but really don’t expect anything epic from it. If you are a pansy like me you’ll probably enjoy it though. Actually as I write this I have an urge to re-watch a  few scenes.


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