30. High Life


Well tonight was a double header so I’ll go chronologically as I always do. High Life is about drugs. Sort of. It really shows absolutely no glamour in getting doped up. It doesn’t help that the characters aren’t that bright to begin with either. It is however extremely funny, but in subtler ways. A lot of irony.

I really loved the setting. Everything is just extremely dirty, dark and grim. I loved it. The cast also rocked, especially Timothy Olyphant. The music is epic as well. One minor thing was the setting. It’s in the 1980’s, which really doesn’t matter and I couldn’t really tell other than the technology was low key. It makes the plot work, but other than that it’s pointless except for some additional jokes.

Defiantly worth the watch and its really short so your not missing much time if you don’t like it. Funny and depressing at the same time.


I also watched Mystery Team which I’ve wanted to watch for some time now. I’ve heard about it on podcasts (Nerdist anyone?) and from watching Community and finally got around to it. Amazing.

Really its a special brand of comedy and I feel like an older audience may not be so fond of it, but who knows. Personally I liked it and I think if you like Community you’ll enjoy it. It also reminded me of Dum and Dumber, but I haven’t seen that in ages and have never really liked it so who knows. You pretty much have to suspended disbelief completely.

The biggest thing I loved about it is the whole attitude. “Adults” being kids. Granted they take it over the top, but it’s still there. I love doing shit that I did when I was little. I still like playing with my Lego’s when I’ve gone home and running around and diking about in the woods. I’ve always had a vivid imagination and it really doesn’t hold once your older.

My personal feelings aside it is a great comedy if its to your style, which is the key part. It’s a brand of comedy you either like or hate, but it’s worth trying especially because Donald Glover is in it.



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