29. This Is Spinal Tap

I watched This Is Spinal Tap today and its been a while since I’ve seen it. I like the movie and I think it is great, but the best movie or comedy film ever? Naw. I mean maybe its just not quite my cup of tea, but there are other comedies I prefer, not that this isn’t really good because it is. Maybe its just too much hype.

Regardless it is a great film to watch especially if you like mockumentaries. The music is pretty good as well among a wide variety of other things. There is defiantly a reason so many people praise this film, but it’s also something that isn’t necessarily for everyone. But hey that’s most comedy.

I also watched Nick of Time. I’ve seen it before and it’s still a nice little thriller. It’s not the greatest, but it’s good. As far as realism goes there are a shit ton of things wrong with the movie that just don’t make sense and seemed like they are there to add time.

That aside Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken are great. Walken is pretty much Walken and Depp is different from what most people are probably used to from him. I liked it. Actually this is probably one of the firsts movies I saw him in, the exception maybe being Edward Scissorhands. It was before Pirates and everyones wide love of him. Its worth watching, but avoid thinking too much and don’t analyze the film or you’ll be miserable.


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