28. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


I hope everyone is enjoying the time change. I may be wrong, but a lot of people do not like Terry Gilliam’s films, at least thats the impression I’ve always gotten. Personally I’m torn. There are a lot of aspects I like about his films, but there are also parts that ruin it for me.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a unique film to say the least. Most “normal” people (whatever that is) wont like it. It’s a bit dark and deep and not the easiest thing to follow. I struggled to keep up at moments and it doesn’t help that I’m a bit under the weather. That’s part of the reason I’d like to watch it again soon. That and a second viewing of this isn’t going to kill me and even if I were at my peak (again whatever that is) I still wouldn’t get all of it.

That aside, it’s a good movie. The cast is quite smashing. Christopher Plummer, Andrew Garfield (who I’m looking forward to seeing more of), Tom Waits, and Heath Ledger. Colin Farrell, Jonny Depp and Jude Law are all ok as the alter image of Ledger. I felt like Law stood out a bit and not in a good way. He just didn’t seem to fit for some reason.

The visuals of naturally amazing. It’s Gilliam. If for no other reason that is why you should watch it because it just looks brilliant.

Don’t watch it because of Monty Python or an actor. Defiantly don’t watch it just because its Ledger’s last film, though he is brilliant in it. If you want to watch you need to set aside the time to sit down and watch it, because distractions will do no good to your viewing.


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