21. The Social Network

Everybody loves underdogs which is why everyone loves The Social Network. So let me present this film in this context: It is a film and all the roles are simply characters – they are not real people. Let’s treat the film as if these people were in fact made up, that film was loosely inspired by some things that happened a decade ago.

Zuckerberg is portrayed as this nerdy awkward loner. Yes he comes across as an ass a number of times, but that’s because of the aforementioned. It’s excused. They also excuse his behavior by painting the picture of it not being intentional most of the time. He also ends up with quite a bit of money and a successful company. We also are left with the feeling of the end of the movie that despite that success, he really wants friends and we go back to the beginning. Everybody feels sorry for a guy without friends.

Anyways it’s a good movie. Lovely dialogue thanks to Sorkin. The film is also beautiful shot. I love the dark edgy bits, which leads into the excellent score, though it really doesn’t sit well on its own.

Anyways if you haven’t seen in, watch it. This is my second view and it holds up. Part of the reason I like it is because I’m a nerdy loner, though I don’t really relate to Zuckerberg. It is nice to see a movie about these kind of people though.


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