18. Animal Kingdom


OMG. Actually one of my Professors said that in class the other day. I lold. Anyways I’ve been wanting to see Animal Kingdom before hearing about Weaver being nominated. I finally watched it today and it is indeed OMG worthy.

It is a brilliant film and has a hell of a cast with amazing acting all around. The score is also epic. It is incredibly dark and just fucking ace. The movie is however rather slow. For me that was part of what made it great, but I’m sure plenty of people will hate the pacing.

Now as far as Jacki Weaver being nominated, I kinda disagree. She does a really good job, but I don’t know if it would stand out to me as Oscar worthy. AS good as she was, what made her role stand out was the character more than her. Once you realize the impact of her character you go “Holly shit she is amazing and sweet!” It’s not her acting though that brings that up. I actually felt that she underplayed the part considerably. Granted I liked it to an extent, but even when she finally does start brining in the range, it’s not long enough. It’s one of those where the Director held her back a bit too much for to long.

I mean the family this is based on is interesting and the story itself is engaging. It’s defiantly worth the watch, especially since sexy man Guy Pearce is in it. Defiantly one of my favorite movies now and goes to the top of my list for the year.


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