16. Big Nothing

PS Thingy: Apparently I saved this as a draft instead of publishing it.

I came across this and decided to watch it. An interesting movie, but kinda problematic. I’m sure some people will argue back and forth about this, but I personally felt it had a lot of loose ends and bits that weren’t really developed or even important. There was more going on in the film than their needed be. Even if they kept those bits, they should’ve done a better job of developing them more.

The title does seem kind of suiting and kind of clues you into what the movie is about. Simon Pegg and Alice Eve play Americans and do a good job with the accents. AT first I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Pegg and then I realized it was the accent. I kept wanting to place them in the UK because of those two actors. That and the fact that it’s a UK film. David Schwimmer is pretty good, but I feel like his film roles (the very few I’ve seen) are pretty similar and nothing really spectacular. I feel like he’s trying to run away from Friends.

Worth the watch, but has problems. Don’t expect anything great. And if you hate movies that have a shit ton of twists (good or bad) then don’t see this.


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